RESTING SAFE - Report from Los Angeles

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For the last few days of January, Ibrahim, Laquida, and Erin travelled from Portland to LA for the Housing Justice in Unequal Cities conference, hosted by UCLA’s Institute on Inequality and Democracy and LA Community Action Network. The Housing Justice in Unequal Cities research network brings together researchers, grassroots groups, and other institutions working to understand “issues of housing precarity (evictions, homelessness, displacement, segregation, informal settlements)”, as well as “practices of housing justice (eviction blockades, community land trusts, housing cooperatives and commons, tenant organizing, homeless unions, social rent, land value tax)”. We were honored to represent Portland and share the work that Right 2 Survive is doing in collaboration with local groups and others via the Western Regional Advocacy Project and beyond, as well as to learn from people who attended from around the world!